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GARH PANCHKOT,the picnic spot in purulia 2019

Basically GARH PANCHKOT   is a ruined fort and temple located in PURULIA district,WEST BENGAL.It is at the top of panchet carries silently the histry of BARGI ATTACK in west bengal.bargi's are punjabi attackers who came bengal through this Garh we can visit the destroyed fort and temples destroyed by bargi attackers.they stolen lots of grain,jewelry and money from west bengal.
Panchkot is a good picnic spot.the place naturally be less crowded.Few days ego here govt.has not entered and place used to be quite,but it since become good place to visit.the ruined temple is billow,

in some previous year the temple was like this but recently it is decorated but this decoration sucks the originality of this.its new look is like,
here are also some pictues of here residents and local people
tourism in west bengal,garh panchkot,panchet hill

the local guide page is attached billow
garh panckot hd pictures,panchkot hd images

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