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DEUL PARK,DURGAPUR    Durgapur is a decorated town so you can't find scarcity of anything.Beside the township of DURGAPUR, we can see a lots of artificial parks here but the beauty of ancient and natural one never be diminished by such artificial ones.DUEL park is a natural park by the side of ajoy river.    In bengali words "deul" means "Temple" so by this we can see that this was a historical or temple surrounding place.Basically the deul park's temple has a special significance it is a hindu hample without any statue of any god.which genarally not happens in hindu temples.    Now as we got so much historical so we can get it that place is suitable for aged people.It is also a great place for kids as there are lots of flowers and playing instruments like seesaw sleepers.and for youngsters it ll be a great place here you could travel beside the river bank and also there is a deer park in deul park,and a ecological garden.    the place is actually situated…


FARAKKA,THE PRIDE OF WEST BENGAL.  If you are little bit interested to see the west bengal in its proper pleasent way then farakka will be a good choice for you.Here you could have a beautiful climate beside the river ganges and the mango and cherry tree surrounded place farakka has lots of natural beauty. Farakka is not a land lock area rather is is composed of a 3 mainland divided by river. Not the ordinary but one with a sincere importance to the country "GANGES" The town was in existent even in the first half of the independence. till farakka barrage came to play. to any from bengal this name might sound familiar but what i am here is to say of the beauty the place has and owns.
i bet that such a picturesque view is rare in bengal. Both embarked with modern industry and the natural endowment.  Let me suggest the type of person should be there to enjoy and appreciate the beauty it beholds. 
1. you are an avid photographer and also an enginnering student. Just opt …


TALBERIA LAKE,RANIBANDH  If you are serching for a proper leisure and and lead a day out of digitalization then talberia lake,Ranibandh is proper place where your eyes can see only green colour and feel free from blue ray of computer screen.
    Talberia is 5 km from Ranibandh Rimil Guest House the place is covered with green trees and the colour of water is lake blue.boating is also available here.In the season of picnic you can see a lot of tourists visiting here.the place is situated at a little distance from main the side of lake there is a hill full of forest and the place is usually a less crowded so the beauty is well maintained.Talberia is the place inside the sutan's forest and it has a fine water.
  The local people also used to drink this water and the place got red blossoms of 'palash' in winter.and the sunset at Talberia is really  awesome view.
  If you visit talberia you need to stay here at rimil guesthouse an the pre booking is also available.if y…


KADAM DEWLI DAMKadam dewli dam is situated on the river Shilaboti(শিলাবতি),BANKURA,WEST BENGAL,INDIA.
   Shilaboti's origin is from mourejharna(ময়ুরঝরনা).The place where the dam is situated is kadamdewli,so it is called as kadam dewli dam(also known as shilaboti barrage).   This place is generally quite low crowded,but in this picnic season at the month of dec and jan the place is quite crowded for family picnic.The place also become crowded in monsoon when the flood comes,several people go there t see the figure of shilaboti at that time.As shilaboti is the rain water sourced river so it carries a little amount of water in normal seasons but in monsoon it became horrible.several paddy fields and towns go inside the water in this time.
KADAM DEWLI DAM was made in the junction of river Shilaboti and Kangsaboti,from kangsaboti dam.There are various places to visit in shilaboti barrage,like junction of two river,and the dam and it's gates.people used to make family pic…