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KADAM DEWLI DAMKadam dewli dam is situated on the river Shilaboti(শিলাবতি),BANKURA,WEST BENGAL,INDIA.
   Shilaboti's origin is from mourejharna(ময়ুরঝরনা).The place where the dam is situated is kadamdewli,so it is called as kadam dewli dam(also known as shilaboti barrage).   This place is generally quite low crowded,but in this picnic season at the month of dec and jan the place is quite crowded for family picnic.The place also become crowded in monsoon when the flood comes,several people go there t see the figure of shilaboti at that time.As shilaboti is the rain water sourced river so it carries a little amount of water in normal seasons but in monsoon it became horrible.several paddy fields and towns go inside the water in this time.
KADAM DEWLI DAM was made in the junction of river Shilaboti and Kangsaboti,from kangsaboti dam.There are various places to visit in shilaboti barrage,like junction of two river,and the dam and it's gates.people used to make family pic…

Bankura District Art Exhibition 2018

BANKURA DISTRICT ART SHOW AND COMPETITION 2018  Arts are the representation of words of a man moreover thoughts of a man.artist are the person who thought for Nation,so it is clear the art is the representation of Nation in picture.   Like previous years this year also the Bankura District Art show occurred at 27-28th December 2018 At Hotel Saptaparna,Bankura.This program was organized by Artist Mr. Swapal Pal & his students of canvas academy.    Here we have seen various types of arts oil paints describing the our society,village life,our daily life and some pictures of gods.The most attracting picture was the paint of Rabindranath Tagore on handmade paper.the pictures were so bright that you couldn't just spot the difference between the paint and original can also some junior artist made awesome arts.moreover in a word bankura art festival is a place of wondering for all.It made a smile on our face that how artists expressed some events of our daily l…


BANKURA DISTRICT ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW AND COMPETITION 2018-19If you loves natural beauty of flowers then you should once come to BANKURA DISTRCT FLOWER SHOW AND COMPETITION.Bankura district is famous and glorious for its cultures and festivals.We can see various  events are taking place here throughout the year.   So as every year this also a flower show was organized by the Secretary Swayam Prakash Mukherjee ,President-Bipradas Midya,president of Bankura district-Mrityunjoy Murmu and Chairperson of bankura Mohaprasad Sengupta.Like previous 31 year this year also the BANKURA DISTRICT FLOWER SHOW AND COMPETITION occurres form 31st dec to 6th jan at BANKURA DISTRICS AUDITORIUM from 30th dec 18 to 2nd jan 19.About 35 contestants participate this year.
it is 32nd flower show in Bankura we can see various artist used to built these flowers by care and at this show they came with there flower trees and judges used to congratulate them and for motivation a prize delivered to the…