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   Durgapur is a decorated town so you can't find scarcity of anything.Beside the township of DURGAPUR, we can see a lots of artificial parks here but the beauty of ancient and natural one never be diminished by such artificial ones.DUEL park is a natural park by the side of ajoy river.
   In bengali words "deul" means "Temple" so by this we can see that this was a historical or temple surrounding place.Basically the deul park's temple has a special significance it is a hindu hample without any statue of any god.which genarally not happens in hindu temples.
   Now as we got so much historical so we can get it that place is suitable for aged people.It is also a great place for kids as there are lots of flowers and playing instruments like seesaw sleepers.and for youngsters it ll be a great place here you could travel beside the river bank and also there is a deer park in deul park,and a ecological garden.
   the place is actually situated in the forest of has a lot of historical value.the hisotry was about 600 years ago,,mGopraj Ishwar Ghosh, or as he is locally known - Ichai Ghosh, was the father figure and protector of this region during that time. He ruled over this land for some good many years after defeating Karnsen - the king of Senbhum and taking over his capital which was then called Trisasthi Garh. Even though he was later killed by Lausen, son of Karnsen, he remains to be the most popular name around.
Although it ll be your best choice to wisit if you are from western region of we ll atach some self click pictures,

deul park durgapur,deul park 2019

deul botanical garden,deul park,deul durgapur

      thanks for reading the article.react and comment to encourage can comment your nearest place to write on that.
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